🚔Backup Pro

BackupPro is a gorgeous resource for any police or roleplay server, providing extremely exciting and thrilling chase scenes, but also more realistic emergency service gameplay with coroner and ambulan

FiveM Forum Post: https://forum.cfx.re/t/esx-non-esx-ultimate-modular-npc-ai-backup-backuppro/1928934

YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HnBvPqhpeA

Download: https://garmingo.com/games/tebex/4230912

Configuring Backup Pro

Backup Pro has a config file that looks like this:

    "TransactionID": "Your TEBEX Transaction ID here",
    "UseESX": false,
    "ESXJob": "police",
    "UsePermission": false,
    "Permission": "backuppro.use",
    "MenuLocation": 0, /*Needs to be 0=left or 1=right*/
    "MenuHotkey": 303, /*Use FiveM's hotkey ids. 303 is 'U'*/
    "AutoDuty": false, /*Automatically enabled the Duty when permitted be on duty*/
    "DisableToggleButton": false, /*Disables the button to toggle the duty status. Useful in combination with AutoDuty*/
    "DisabledUnits": ["Example"], /*Here you can put units, that should be disabled*/
    "EnableCommands": false,
    "Command": "backuppro",
    "DisableMenu": false,
    "UseCategories": false,
    "Categories": {"Example":["Example"]}

The transaction ID is a unique ID you get with your purchase and have to enter for validation purposes. More information about transaction ids here. It looks something like this: tbx-446567899a14567-1abcde


Change this to true if you are using ESX and want to restrict the Backup Pro Menu to police officers


This is the job that is allowed to use the Backup Pro Menu if Use ESX is enabled

Use Permission

Change this to true if you want to restrict the Backup Pro Menu to players with a certain permission


This is the permission a player needs to have to use the Backup Pro Menu if Use Permission is enabled

This is the Location of menu. 0 means the menu is on the left side of the screen. 1 means the menu is on the right side of your screen.

This is the ID of the Hotkey that is being used to open the Backup Pro Menu. A list of all Hotkeys and their IDs can be found on FiveMs Controls Documentation

Auto Duty

Change this to true if you want to set everyone who is allowed to be on duty (has Police Job or Permission) on duty

Disable Toggle Button

This will disable the Button in the Backup Pro Menu that allows you to change your duty status

Disabled Units

This is a list of all Units you want to disable and remove from the Backup Pro Menu

Enable Commands

If changed to true it allows you to call Backup using a command


This is the command used to call Backup if Enable Commands is enabled

Disable Menu

If changed to true the Backup Pro Menu will be disabled and only the command can be used if enabled

Use Categories

If enabled the Backup Units will be sorted in Categories or Sub Menus


A list of Categories and their Units. If you want to add a group for Code 1, Code 2 and Code 3 for example it would look like this:

"Categories": {"MyCategory":["Code 1", "Code 2", "Code 3"]}

Installing Backup Plugins

Please note that third party plugins could contain malicious code that interrupts your experience using our product.

If you install a large amount of Backup Plugins your game might crash with the error code hazardous pointer. If that happens have a look at How to fix hazardous pointer

  1. Unzip your Backup-Plugins .zip file

  2. Drag and drop the .dll (and .json file if existing) in your Backup Pro plugins folder, which is usually located at /resources/BackupPro/plugins/.

  3. Restart Backup Pro

How to fix hazardous pointer

If your game crashed with the "hazardous pointer" error, this is probably due to a limit of FiveM, we cannot control. However, you can fix it by installing a hotfix using the steps below.

  1. Download BackupProPlugins resource from GitHub (https://github.com/CodineerDigital/BackupProPlugins)

  2. Drag and drop it to your servers resources folder

  3. Drag and drop some of your Backup Plugins into this folder

  4. Start BackupProPlugins and BackupPro

Please note that BackupProPlugins should always be started before BackupPro and all plugins should be moved with their .json files.

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