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A tutorial on how to download your bought products.
After you bought a product you will receive an email with a download link. The email will look something like this:
Screenshot of the email which will be sent to you after you bought a product
Now simply click on the link and you'll get redirected to our Codineer Central where you will see your bought products.

How do I download my product?

Once in Codineer Central ( you can simply click on the product you want to download.
More on how to download products using Codineer Central and other useful information here.

How do I download my subscription (CodiPass)?

You will also receive an email with your transaction id, visit Codineer Central and log in with the transcation id.
Now you can simply download all your products associated with your transaction id

More information about Codineer Central & TransactionIDs

More information for Codineer Central here. More information for TransactionID here. More information about CodiPass here