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Phone Tracker Pro

Phone Tracker Pro allows you to track players using their phone number.

Blocking numbers

You can block numbers, for example, if your player activates flight mode or shutdowns his phone.
Please note that blocking numbers is only available in Phone Tracker Pro version 1.5 Beta 3 or newer.
Please note that this is a server side event.
Phone Tracker Pro has an event called Tracker:setBlocked that you can use to block or unblock numbers.


  1. 1.
    The number that should be blocked/unblocked
  2. 2.
    The blocking state of the number (true/false - block/unblock)

Example Implementation

C# Example
// Serverside
TriggerEvent("Tracker:setBlocked", "123-123456", true);
// Clientside
TriggerServerEvent("Tracker:setBlocked", "123-123456", true);
Lua Example
-- Serverside
TriggerEvent("Tracker:setBlocked", "123-123456", true)
-- Clientside
TriggerServerEvent("Tracker:setBlocked", "123-123456", true)
JS Example
// Serverside
emitNet("Tracker:setBlocked", "123-123456", true);
// Clientside
emit("Tracker:setBlocked", "123-123456", true);