🔑Transaction ID

All Important information about transactionid's and how they work.

How does a TransactionID look like?

TransactionID's look like the following: tbx-446567899a14567-1abcde

Your TransactionID has other numbers and letters, the TransactionID shown above is an example.

Where do I find my TransactionID?

After you bought a script you'll receive an E-Mail to the Mail adress you provided. The E-Mail looks something like this

From there you can simply copy the TransactionID.

What do I do with my TransactionID?

The main reason you need your TransactionID is verification. In all our paid scripts you need to put your TransactionID into the config file.

Config File:

All scripts have a config.json where you'll find the "TransactionID" field, simple paste your TransactionID in there.

	/* -- Verification -- */
	"TransactionID": "tbx-446567899a14567-1abcde",
	/* -- Verification -- */

Codineer Central:

The other thing you can do with your TransactionID is using it to download the content you bought. Simply visit our central. (https://central.codineerdigital.com) and paste your TranscationID in the text field. Press Login and then you'll see all your scripts.

Where can I download my purchased content?

There are 2 options of downloading your content. However if you bought CodiPass you have to use option 2.

Using E-Mail:

  1. After you bought a script you'll receive an E-Mail with a link, there you can directly download the script. Using Codineer Central:

  2. What you can also do is copy your TranscationID and visit our Codineer Central (https://central.codineerdigital.com). Then, simply paste your TranscationID in the text field. Press login and you'll see all your scripts.

Why we use a verification system

We developed the verification system for various reasons. FiveM has a big leaking community and literally every script is getting leaked, except ours, why? Because of the verification system. We want to make sure that it was worth it buying the scripts from us and that anyone who buys our scripts, should get quality. Another reason is that we can ensure that after your subscription has ended, you can't use the scripts any longer.

It says in the console that my TransactionID is suspended, what can I do?

If for whatever reason your TransactionID is suspended and you think this is a mistake, you can contact us through E-Mail (support@codineerdigital.com) or via Discord (https://discord.gg/c7UQ2ca). In your message we'll need your TransactionID and proof that you actually own that ID by telling us the E-Mail you used to buy the TransactionID and your FiveM username. Please make sure to send this information in your initial contact.

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