A guide on how to buy products in our shop

Visiting our Shop

Visiting our shop is really simple, you can simply visit it through any browser here. (https://store.codineerdigital.com)

Selecting a product and adding it to the cart

If you have found the product you would like to buy you can simply click "View" to get a popup with a description and some images and videos presenting the product.

Now you can press "Add to cart" to add it to your cart. Adding it to the cart might require you to log into your FiveM account, we do not see any passwords or similar, the only thing we can see is your FiveM Username. It is required to verify who you are and is something FiveM itself requires you to do. This is not controlled by us.

After that you'll have to put an E-Mail into the field. This is where you'll get a confirmation that you bought that product and you'll get a download link to the products you bought too.

Optionally you can add login with your Discord so you can get a Customer role on our Discord. (https://discord.gg/c7UQ2ca) After you are all set you can press "Continue"

Checkout & Payment

After you pressed "Continue" you'll see a screen showing all products which are in your cart, the price and some more information. Here you can also redeem a coupon code. Please check that all the information shown below is correct. If it is, tick the checkmark at the left bottom to agree to the Tebex terms and conditions. After that click "Purchase".

Now you will see a screen where you have to follow the instructions depending on what payment provider you want to use to checkout.

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